I’ll come out and say it right now. In my opinion the best camera for under 1K will always be the newest Rebel that ends in an “i”. Right now that is the Canon Rebel T7i. The Canon Rebel T7i is perfect for the new blogger, vlogger or just to have for your business or personal use. Here are a couple reasons why I give the Rebel T7i two thumbs up.

Flip-Out Screen

The Rebel T7i is one of the few camera’s out there that have a screen that will flip out and can face you. So if you’re taking a selfie or recording yourself you can see what you’re doing! You don’t have to guess! The screen can also be helpful during shots where you’re recording low or high. With a traditional screen you would not be able to see without an external monitor.


This camera can connect to your mobile device! Which means you can take great pictures and post them to Social Media on the fly without having to use your computer! You can also use your phone as a remote trigger to take the picture.


Unlike most of the Rebel’s before it this camera has auto focus and its is pretty good. This will come in handy for when you’re recording yourself. All you need is a face for the camera to detect and you’re good!


Last but not least the main benefit to this camera is that it is part of the Canon family. This means you can trust that it is a quality camera that you can rely on and that the company won’t disappear the next year and leave you with no support. No to mention there are a ton of accessories already built for this camera and you will be able to build up your lens collection.


If you’re looking to buy this camera click the camera below. Linked is a package I found that comes with a ton of extras for the same price as just the camera!