The more you become self-aware the more you realize how truly awesome you are. There is nothing wrong with being confident and having an ego. There is something wrong with letting that ego get in the way of treating someone like a good human being. One of the most beneficial characteristics you can develop as part of your brand is having a pleasing personality. A person with a pleasing personality is easy to work with. A person with a pleasing personality is easier to trust. A person with a big ego that goes unchecked is the exact opposite. Here are a couple tips to help you check yourself.

Act like you’ve been there before

You will find yourself in scenarios that may be really cool. You may want to share it with all your friends. Try to resist. I have found myself in this exact situation. Where there are athletes, celebrities and CEO’s all over and all you want to do is take a selfie. Don’t! A lot of times the people who you’re sharing that with will yes “think its cool” but the people who are in the room, the people who will actually be the ones hiring can be rubbed the wrong way. In the end who are you looking to impress? Your friends or potential clients?

Check your ego at the door

There will be plenty of situation where you will find yourself wanting to show your smarts and your worth. The best way to do this is by checking your ego at the door and let your actions do the talking. Know your worth and your value and remember that you have already won.


Be grateful. You will see others achieving things you wanted for yourself or buying things you wanted to buy. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for the fact that they were able to achieve it. Don’t waste your time being jealous or exuding any other negative behavior. Focus on being grateful and working toward your goals