Do likes matter? This is a great question that has multiple answers. You really need to think about human behavior when evaluating this for yourself. Start with yourself and how you use Facebook and Instagram. Without reviewing your activity do you remember the articles, pictures or posts that you liked? Do you even remember liking the ones that the app says you liked? In my opinion the “like” has lost its value. It is the most effortless way to show support. Simply double tap and you’re done! If you’re posting an article, a youtube video or just anything that is not natively posted to the social media platform you will notice that you may have more likes then views. This is because they may have liked it but they did not actually click through to view your content. Before deciding whether or not likes are a good or bad unit of measurement ask yourself a couple questions first:

  • What are your intentions?
  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • Who are the people liking my content?
  • Why are people liking my content?