Finding a mentor is one of the greatest keys to success. We all need someone that can teach us lessons from their experiences and guide us through our own. Sometimes we can’t find those mentors in person. That is okay! The internet is full of people sharing their experiences and educating others on many different topics. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right online mentor.

Check the receipts

Make sure the person who is claiming to be an expert in their field is actually an expert in their field. There has been an increase in “thought leaders” over the past couple years but make sure to find one that is not just regurgitating information from their online mentor. Check their track record, see how the began and really listen to their story. Try not to get distracted by fancy cars, big houses or other gimics. You will often time hear people talking about starting their first “online business” but never say what it is… This is a red flag. Do your research and make an educated decision.

Emulate don’t imitate

It is okay to see characteristics in your online mentors that you to would like to have. Make sure you’re staying true to who you really are. If you are spending the whole time imitating individuals it will be hard for you to maintain the “act”.

Read Between the Lines

When consuming others content make sure you read between the lines. What is their intent? Are they trying to sell you their latest book, coaching workshop or some other product? Or are they actually looking to offer value to others?