By now you if you use Facebook you have either heard, seen or even utilized Facebook Live. I have spent a lot of time watching peoples behavior on how they interact with the tool and I’ve noticed something. The smaller your audience the more intentional you have to be about how you gather your audiences attention before you even hit the Go Live button. So far news networks, celebrities, and big brands have gotten the most out of Facebook Live. It is now time for us to help add you to that list. Here are a few tips.

Promote! Promote! Promote!

If you want your audience to tune in you have to let them know when you’re going to be on. Reach out to your audience wherever they may be to try and bring them to your Facebook world. If Facebook is your most engaged platform, perfect! If a majority of your reach is on other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or an email list you have a little more work to do but it is not impossible. Get the word out and be consistent.

Think about what value you’re giving

Often times we do things to benefit us… That will not help you in business. You have to think about the customer. If your Facebook Live video is offering no value then you will receive no value in return. Now I’m not saying you have to give some product away for free everytime you go Live but what I am saying is you should know your customer better than they know themselves. Make sure you Live broadcast is offering some value but most importantly make sure a live broadcast is best for you and your audience.