How to get started creating video content for social media… You just start.. That’s it…

Okay, that is terrible and great advice at the same time. A lot of people create barriers for themselves for why they can not just start creating content on video. Also here is a disclaimer. Video may not be for you and that is 100% okay! Here a couple of reasons people give for why they haven’t started creating video content and ways for you to help combat these reasons if you see yourself coming up with the same excuses.

I need professional equipment

This is one of the most common excuses I hear for not being able to create content. You may not be able to create Hollywood or top YouTuber style content but you need to start somewhere. Look at some of your favorites they start with tiny point and shoots then work their way up to DSLR cameras. I record most of my videos with a cinema camera… that is 1000% overkill. All you need to get started is a device that records audio and video.

No one will watch my videos

You’re correct. No one will watch your videos if you never create them. It is important to have realistic expectations when it comes to views. When you’re a non-celebrity there is no such thing as low views. As long as you are delivering quality content the views will come. More importantly, think about what your goals are for this content that you’re creating. If views are on the top of your list you need to reorganize your priorities.

If I only had…

You can all fill in the blank with this one. We can always wish we had one more thing but what you have right now is an opportunity to start. When you start you may realize that one thing was not as important as you thought. When you start you may realize the that one thing you needed was to start.