Are you guys ready!? Here it is! The magic bullet, the master key the one best piece of advice anyone can ever give you about creating content. Just START. 

A lot of us spend to much time plotting, scheming and planning. We tell ourselves we are not ready. We tell ourselves that we don’t have the right equipment. We always need that one more thing. That one thing that is keeping us from being the most successful content creator on earth. The truth is there is one thing keeping you back and usually, that is you. There is no such thing as the perfect time, perfect set, perfect partner etc. The only thing that is certain is what you know.

Too often we over think the process. Follow these simple steps below create some content and share it with me.

  1. Decide on one topic where you’re the expert(ish)
  2. Pick a form (Audio, Written or Video)
  3. Tell your story

Remember this. There is no framework or structure you need to follow. There are no wrong answers. Through trial and error you will figure out your structure, your framework, your voice and you will understand your audience more. No one knows you better than you so when you pick the form of content you want to start creating make sure it matches who you’re at fits with your strengths.