Everyone has their favorite motivational speaker. If you don’t have a favorite you at least know of some motivational speakers. For most of us when we listen to a speaker we feel motivated in the moment. We feel ready to take over the world but what happens when the video ends? What happens when that podcast ends? What happens when that $10,000 seminar ends? We lose that feeling. It is easy to get caught up on the moment during these times but a lot of us find ourselves back at square one right after. Why is this? If you you’re not able to take the message and apply it to your own life you will not be successful. If you see Gary Vaynerchuk speaking and now all of a sudden you to are an social media expert instead of a musician, landscaper or whatever your trade may be you missed the message. Motivational speakers should inspire you to be greater in what it is you do vs. make you want to be them. Make sure you know who you’re and where you want to go and look for inspiration over motivation.