Having paid likes and paid followers is like does not bring real benefits. Let’s take the same idea into the real world. If you paid someone to be your friend and like everything you do would you actually believe that they like your stuff? At that point getting paid is their incentive. They don’t care about what you’re doing as long as the check comes in. When you pay for likes and followers you get fake pages, fake people and sometimes real people being fake pages. You don’t gain a real audience. It may help your ego to be able to say you have 17,000 followers vs 900 but in the end, you should prefer that 900 because that 900 is real and they actually care about the content you put out.

The Solution

If you have started buying likes and followers I would recommend you stop right now. The next step I would recommend is you share this with anyone you know who is buying followers. You can usually tell they’re buying followers by looking at who is following them. Third instead of putting the money into any of those crappy programs put them into Facebook or Instagram ads. If you know your audience target just them and get yourself some real followers.