In my last blog post, I mentioned vlogs as a being a great way of sharing video content. I also did not give any explanation of what a vlog actually is. Vlogging is a way of telling your story from your point of view. Depending on the story you’re trying to tell there are different ways of structuring, recording and distributing your vlogs. Here are a couple of examples of different vlogs/vloggers you can use for inspiration.

Rodney Adams

Rodney Adams is an American Football player who plays for the Minnesota Vikings but that is the last thing his vlog is about. Rodney does a great job of telling stories of his everyday life from his point of view. Rodney’s vlog focuses on shows that he is a regular person and lives an interesting life outside of football.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk takes a different approach to storytelling via vlogs because he is not actually the one recording and editing his vlogs. You will notice that a lot of vloggers vlogs will be recorded from their point of view. Gary’s has a professional videographer follow him around which has its perks. Gary’s vlog is more niche and focuses on the business/entrepreneurship aspect of his life.

Both of these are examples of two very different routes you can take while vlogging. It is important you keep in mind the reason for why you’re vlogging. Vlogging is most effective when done daily but it is easy to get in a funk and go through the motions. Find ways to tell your story in an interesting way and keep yourself and your audience engaged.