I’m the CEO of The Creative Group LLC,  a multi-faceted production business geared towards providing creative media solutions to clients. Consisting of Creative Mind Studios and Creative Copilot, I am dedicated to providing patrons with the best content to give their brand a voice and set them apart from the competition. I started The Creative Group because I wanted to take control of my journey and use my creativity to help others. There’s only so much I could do within working for other people. That limited what kind of impact I could have. Starting my own business allowed me to create more impact for more people by working with companies that do great work. What I like doing is helping customers and clients solve problems through creativity. Through photography or creating a website that tells a story about an organization, it’s the times when I get to use my creativity to solve a business solution that I live for. 



Creative Mind Studios

Creative Mind Studios is the premier event photography and videography business in the Twin Cities. Take a look at what they have to offer below!

Creative Copilot

Creative Copilot was birthed out of the necessity for businesses to be able to deliver a consistent message through video in a quality and affordable way.

Creative House

Creative House is a clothing company that focuses on making clothing with a message.



My super power is creativity. When I combine that with planning it leads to results that help me and my clients be successful!

01. MY WHY.

There is no better motivational power than understanding your why. Will power will only get you so far but your why power will take you across the finish line. The reason I do what I do, my WHY, is I want to make the world a more creative place, more importantly I want to make the people in it more creative. To me creativity is about more than being a stereotypical creative. I do this so that my family can live in a world where creativity and confidence is celebrated and welcomed. Where they can be comfortable to create without criticism. Our kids are born with that creativity. Society, adults and life have a good way of beating it out of them. In every business I start from now till the end of my time I will make sure to help others find that creativity that lives inside and bring it back to the top.


You don’t have to be a photographer, painter or musician to be creative. Creativity is about confidence, self confidence. Confidence in your actions, confidence in being right, confidence in finding solutions that are different to the norm but still a solution.


Many of us don’t actually go through life being intentionally successful. Yes our intentions might be to succeed but we often times reach success without knowing exactly how we got there. The best of the best are intentionally successful. They are the ones whose habits match their goals. When they put their mind to a goal it also comes with a plan that they act on. When you’re on the path to success you don’t see action as optional because by choosing not to act you’re not choosing success you’re choosing mediocrity. Today is the day to start living with intention. Today is the day you start being intentionally successful.